How the modern technics is proven useful to the inspector ?

The Data Protection Act refers to international transfer of personal information. However in principle candidates should consider how information is shared. It could be helpful to find Internet sites and portals for Defence establishments overseas. Candidates should read MOD in-house journals to see what MOD is doing in terms of overseas aid, disaster relief, peacekeeping etc. Wider reading including conference reports such as the IFLA conference.

Attendance at conferences where an international perspective is given is recommended. Candidates may have line management or supervisory responsibility for junior staff. If the candidate has worked for MOD for less than 1 year, then she will still be on probation and will not be able to take formal line management responsibility. All candidates will have a line manager for their work and a professional supervisor for their chartership (this could be the same person. After 6 months a review is held of the candidate’s own performance with their line manager and countersigning officer assessing the candidate against MODi Core Competencies and the Librarian and Information Manager’s Functional Competence Framework. Candidates will be given the opportunity to discuss staff management issues with their line manager or professional supervisors.

The Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne candidate will also have access to departmental publications on core competencies, and the Librarians and Information Managers Functional Competence Framework. All candidates will be assessed as part of their performance appraisal on MOD Core Competencies, which cover communication interpersonal skills. Candidates will be encouraged to develop communication skills to enable them to communicate effectively with users and with staff of all grades. Writing for Defence Librarian (the house journal for MOD librarians) is strongly encouraged possible topics could be evaluation of a course, or a report on a conference attended, or a review of websites on a particular subject.

Committee work is an excellent way of practicing communication skills and most groups (such as CILIP groups and branches, Circle of State Librarians etc) are usually looking for extra committee members. Membership of professional organisations will be encouraged CILIP membership fees can be reclaimed from MOD. Membership of other bodies such as the Circle of State Librarians will be encouraged.