How the legal BPI process is performed with the right and legal steps?

The young businessmen and women, who set up their companies last September, will give details of their company’s accounts, products, manufacturing and marketing strategies to a team of judges from local businesses. The West Country Fire Liaison Group, with real problems, real solutions, real failures and real successes. which includes representatives from Cornwall and Devon, was formed by people from a variety of backgrounds who share a genuine interest in Fire Safety, and are associated directly with the Fire Protection Association. The aim of the Group is to combat the ever present threat of fire to lives, property and employment by stimulating interest in fire safety and coordinating the work required to stimulate and advance fire safety throughout the communities of Cornwall and Devon.

People from all areas of the business communities of the two counties have been invited to attend the Forum which will be discussing ‘Fire in the 21st Century. CitizenCard, which provides 15 to 18 year olds with a free proof of age card, was launched by Cornwall Trading Standards at Redruth School in February. The scheme has been incredibly successful and we are delighted that so many schools and young people have become involved said Trading Standards Officer Emma Northey.

All secondary schools in North Cornwall and Kerrier have already joined the scheme, with more schools in the three other districts joining all the time. It is also promoted by Asda, Safeway, thousands of independent retailers and service providers, and Trading Standards Departments nation-wide. Other benefits include a booklet of discount vouchers worth up to £200, and exclusive access to CitizenCard’s new secure, filtered web site.

The 16 week course, which is both physically and mentally demanding, covers ‘corps’ fire fighting skills, both theoretical and practical. Hard-pressed but resourceful businesses on Bodmin Moor are fighting back and launching a new association to promote and market the area to visitors. Entitled the Best of Bodmin Moo, Pre Purchase Building Inspection the group aims to bring together accommodation providers, attractions, craft workers and local food producers.

Vice Chairman of the group Jeremy Capper believes that by speaking with one voice others will listen, and further benefits are bound to come. For too long businesses on Bodmin Moor have been working in isolation. Now, by working together, we can maximise resources, and in co-operation with established initiatives let the voice of Bodmin Moor be heard. As well as representation we are able to offer marketing and member benefits such as the internet and promotional material.

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