How to make the full right steps done in the very right manner for the inspection process?

Changes are difficult to predict, but we know from staff surveys and other feedback that some change is expected.But the organisation neither wants nor is capable of absorbing massive change over the next few years.We need to identify the specific changes that will make a difference towards achieving the objectives that we have set ourselves and towards addressing the legitimate comments that have been made.We should have a more outward corporate focus, so that we know well what those whom we regulate, particularly industry, BPI Adelaide think of us and that we are providing a proper service.

Pest InspectionThis stakeholder engagement is part of the modern approach to management where we constantly check we are working and living up to what we said.Vandals climbed over a high wall into the yard of Sun Chemicals Ltd early one morning in July where they opened 19 one-tonne customised metal containers of printing inks.The result was about 20 tonnes of viscous oil-based printing ink with a value of over £40,000 flowing across the yard into a neighbouring yard and worse, into three surface water drains.SEPA’s South Lanarkshire Pollution Prevention and Control Team quickly alerted West of Scotland Water and instructed the company to engage a specialist clean-up contractor.

But immediate arrangements had to be made to stem the flow of the ink by locating and sealing the yard’s gulley pots with neoprene mats weighted down with oil drums.This may sound simple, but the drains were hidden under 15 to 20 centimetres of sticky ink – “Have you ever tried digging a hole through a pond of treacle?” asks SEPA team leader, Chris Willmott.

The main drain was headed straight for the nearby Kittoch Water, via the recently constructed Steinhart Sewer Switch, a device that allows small flows from high risk pollution areas to be directed to the foul sewerage system instead of the burn.A bung was installed near the site of the spillage to allow the clean-up to go ahead, using vacuum tankers, oil absorbents, solvents, skips, lots of shovels and muscle power for over a week.SEPA’s South Lanarkshire Team took photographs and videos of the incident which they plan to use as an invaluable training facility.

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